Otoplasty in Lebanon

Ear surgery:

When the ears are protruding from the side of your head, and you are being self conscious about it. An otoplasty can correct this condition. It is performed under local anesthesia. It will correct the shape and position of the ears.

This procedure will improve self-confidence, especially in children and teenagers. It is performed in adults as well

In children it can be done at the age of four years old, before going to school to avoid moquery and bullying from the other children in school.

Ear surgery procedure:

In young children, it is done  under general anesthesia.

The incision is hidden behind the ear, the cartilage is folded by permanent sutures, to recreate the missing ear fold.  Sometimes if  the whole ear is projected forward, some additional sutures might be needed to bring back the ear to the normal position closer to the head a combination of techniques is needed to get the desired result.

Immediately after surgery:

A compressive dressing is applied, especially in children, to protect the repair. Pain medications are given. After one week the dressing will be removed, as well as the sutures. A compressive band will be applied for 4 more weeks.

There will be some amount of swelling over the ears, that will gradually reslove. You can resume normal activity after one week. Final result will need few months, to show.