Breast lift, also known as mastopexy:

After pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss, normal aging or heredity. You will notice that your nipple position, did drop and your breast volume is decreasing. This breast sagging, will continue with time.

A breast lift will correct the sagging and reshape your breast. It is performed under general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation, in a hospital setting. You will be admitted early in the morning. Before the procedure, Dr Paul Audi , will do the markings on your breast of the new nipple position and the amount of skin to be removed. After your breast lift, you will rest in your room, once fully awake and recovered, you will go home the same day.


During your breast lift, the areolas are stretched, can be reduced in size, Dr Paul Audi, will use, a vertical pedicle lift, to reposition your nipple higher. An implant can be placed to provide roundness and fullness to your upper breast areas. The lower part of the breast will be removed en bloc, this will make the breasts lighter in weight, and narrower. The two pillars will be closed, providing an internal bra supporting. The skin incisions will be closed, around the nipple, and depending on the amount of skin excess and laxity you will have.

If your sagging is mild,you will have only a vertical incision ( lollipop mastopexy). If your sagging is severe you will have a vertical with horizontal: inverted T incision, (anchor or inverted T mastopexy). For people with mild degree of sagging a “donut” lift, or periareolar mastopexy. The scar will be around the areolas only.

After the procedure:

For the first two weeks, you should avoid raising your elbows above your shoulders, avoid bending, wear slip on shoes, and clothes that open in the front, like button shirts. You will be wearing a support bra for the next six weeks, no exercises or strenuous activities will be permitted for six weeks.

You can shower after the first weeks. Your breasts will be swollen up, with possible bruising, and numbness, all this will subside progressively over the next few weeks. The nipple feeling might be numb over the first few weeks and will gradually return.


Like any surgery, breast lift complications are rare, but can happen like:

Hematoma/ seroma that might require drainage or aspiration

Scarring, you  will be asked to be nicotine free six weeks before the procedure

Insufficient result, you will discuss with your surgeon the possibility of touch up to improve your results.