Lower body lift:

After massive weight loss or natural aging, the skin will sag below the waist line. The hips buttocks and waist areas have lost support and drifted down.

There is a saddle bags and an appearance of cellulite over the hips lateral thighs and buttocks. This is due to migrated descended tissues, that     are formed by fat deposits and excess skin that lost it support. This is aesthetically displeasing  and causes mobility restrictions in every day social and sportive activities. If you are after a massive weight loss procedure and your weight is stable,  a body lift is indicated.


The procedure will demand 2 nights in the hospital. You will come in the morning to the hospital, fasting. Dr Paul Audi will do the markings on your skin, while standing and lying. The lower body lift is  a procedure where the skin of the lateral thighs buttocks and waist are repositioned after the excess fat is liposuctioned. the abdominal skin and muscles will be tightened as well. the scars will be circumferential.
The scars will be hidden in the bikini line
The advantage of the lower body lift is that it will treat the abdomen buttocks waist hips in one procedure.

The procedure include a tummy tuck , where the  excess fat is liposuctioned, abdominal muscles are tightened, excess skin is removed, then the incision is extended laterally, the lateral thighs are lifted, the buttocks is tightened , depending on your anatomy Dr Paul may include a Pascal Lelouarn buttock flap to give a rounded contour to your buttocks.

Closure is done in 2 layers running sutures
staples and  tapes are used over the skin incisions

– Scar placement

The lower body lift scar, which extends around the circumference of your torso, is designed to be hidden in your underwear or bikini. Your surgeon can place it higher or lower based on your preference.

The incision used for lower body lift produces a permanent, noticeable scar around the entire lower trunk. The scar is placed low on the stomach, just above the pubic hair area, and extends toward the hip bones. At the hip bone the scar gently curves toward the top of the buttock crease to meet the incision from the other side. Your scar placement is determined by how you wear your clothing and your scar will be easily hidden by clothing.