Enlarged breast in male, happen in guys during the puberty, this is called benign gynecomastia of puberty and will resolve by itself, by age 18. In some cases breast enlargement will stay after the teenage years. First step is to see your medical doctor, After seeing your medical doctor to rule out any medical problems. Most of the time gynecomastia has no medical causes.

Male breast enlargement is very annoying to guys having this condition. It causes them embarrassment at the beach and reluctance to participate in sports, or wear a tight T shirt .

This gynecomastia is mainly due to fat , this fat is diet and exercise resistant.

You can have a gynecomastia that is mainly formed by fat or due to fat and breast gland enlargement. the treatment will be liposuction alone if it is mainly due to fat, or liposuction associated with gland excision.

if there is also sagging of the breast associated with enlarged breast, specially after massive weight loss, a lifting of the areola will be done at the same time , the scar will be circular and hidden around the areola.


Most of the time it is done in a hospital setting under local anesthesia with intravenous or oral sedation, same day admission and outpatient surgery.

You will go home the same day of the procedure, you will be asked to take it easy, rest avoid excessive arms movements for the next 2 weeks, no exercises for six weeks. you will be wearing a compression garment for six weeks.

After the procedure:

Bruising and swelling are common. It will gradually subside over the next few weeks. If sutures are present it will be removed after one week, you can then shower.

Ultrasonic liposuction: Vaser in gynecomastia:

Vaser liposuction, uses ultrasound energy, through one , two or three rings probes, to emulsify the fat cells selectively, from the enlarged breast, being more protective to the connective tissue ligaments, vaser male breast liposuction have improved skin retraction and results. If there is an associated breast gland hypertrophy, it should be removed through a small incision.

Post op:

Swelling and bruising as well as some numbness is normal after the gynecomastia procedure, it will gradually resolve from three weeks up to five weeks.

You should avoid any exercises for six weeks after the gynecomastia correction procedure, you will wear your compression garment for 6 weeks, you are allowed to rest from it three hours per day.
If you had skin excision along your gynecomastia procedure, this is the case specially, if you had sme weight loss, the sutures will be removed after ten days.

You can return to work after one week. You can suntan with some sunscreen protection, after six weeks. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe the appropriate mineral sunscreen protection.

Final result will need from six months to one year to show up. You should maintain a stable weight, to avoid breast fat reaccumulation