when the skin of your face start sagging and showing jowling, and your neck show some laxity, a facelift is indicated, specially if you feel that your look doesn’t fit your spirit, and may interfere with your social and professional career. A facelift result should be natural, and give a younger and refreshed version of yourself. The superficial facial muscle is tightened to correct the sagginess and the skin is redraped. You will appear ten or fifteen years younger. 

Facelift procedure:

During the initial consultation Dr Paul Audi, will examine your face and discuss with you, the needed corrections in your face and neck, and will advise what areas will be corrected by your face lift.

Sometimes the  focus will be  on the lower facial areas, such as the jawline, jowls and cheeks. and also it can address the midface. Deep tissues are repositioned restoring a youthful contour. Very often the neck also is treated by tightening the neck muscles and redraping the skin.

Dr Audi will outline the areas of incisions in front and behind the ears as well as below the chin. It will depend on the areas of the face to be treated.

In some cases if needed a fat injection or lipofilling will be performed if some areas of your face are deflated.


It is done under general anesthesia most of the time, and in some cases it is done under local anesthesia and intravenous or oral sedation.

The  skin incision is made and a skin flap is elevated, then the superficial facial muscles are freed and repositioned in a natural way.. If a neck lift is done at the same time, a small submental incision is done the neck muscles are freed, and stitched togetherat the midline, thi will give an internal hammock, that will support the neck, also the neck muscles are lifted laterally and suspended in front and under the ear, creating a hammock that will support the neck.The skin is redraped smoothly .  A drain is inserted .The incisions are closed with sutures and small metal clips. A padded supportive dressing is applied.

After the facelift 

A compression garment for the face and neck is helpful, and will be worn for one month. Keeping your head up will hasten the swelling resolution.

Pain is usually minimal, and easily controlled with oral medications.. Bruising and swelling are expected and will gradually subside over the next ten to fourteen days.

it is normal to feel tight at least for one week after surgery, and numbness of the skin is expected and will resolve over the next few weeks.Avoid any sport or physical activities as bending or lifting heavy objects for six weeks after surgery.

Sutures will be removed starting the first week up to two weeks depending on the areas.


The first four to six weeks the scars will be red then pink. A silicone gel will be prescribed for you for the next three months. It will take a minimum of one year for the scars to achieve their final appearance. 

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