Dr. Paul Suggestion

1. Choose your doctor: should be a qualified plastic surgeon with experience.Check his credentials and hospitals affiliations.Make sure he is accredited. Get to know your doctor. Word of mouth referrals can result in highly qualified leads to specialist plastic surgeons.
2. You should feel comfortable discussing your expectations and questioning your surgeon on any aspect of the surgery.
3. You should clearly express what is bothering you. Don’t be shy.
4. You should know what you really want, and make yourself clear about it.
5. You should have realistic expectations
6. Doctor should explain all the long-term results possible and eventual complications and inform you of the possible risks and side effects associated with surgery.
7. All the pre-op and post-op course instructions should be followed by the patient. Do maintain your shape after the plastic surgery exercise, diet. Patient should be strongly motivated to follow through with appropriate post-op care
8. Know the limit of the operation.
9. Ask for references and look at pictures of before and after surgical results for the procedure(s) in which you are interested.
10. Talk to several people who have had cosmetic surgery and ask what their experience was.
11. Consultation is a two-way street, Ask, listen, trust and follow your intuition. Better to ask even twice, than to assume
12. Be patient
13. You should trust your doctor and let him guide you. If you are still unsure, get a second opinion
14. The choice of your doctor and being comfortable with him is more important than the operative facilities. How you feel about a doctor and his office is a very important part of the surgical experience.
15. Find out who will be administering your anesthesia.
16. Choose the best time of the year / best timing. Expect time of recovery: bruises, swelling
17. State of mind: you should be convinced that the procedure is for you and you get the result you expect. The doctor will confirm that you are a good candidate. You should have a strong self-concept: You should like your-self and know exactly what you want to accomplish.
18. Compare the result after the surgery with yourself before, and not with others.
19. You should be mentally and physically ready. Come into the surgery with a positive optimistic and healthy attitude
20. You should be: Open-Minded ( should consider all the possibilities for improvement) , Responsible ( take responsibilities for your choice and action), willing ( keep your agreement to come to the pre-op appointment, willing to follow the post-op instructions), Grounded in reality (be realistic in your expectations of what plastic surgery can produce for you in particular)


1. Don’t do plastic surgery to please someone except your-self, or to try to win back someone you already lost: truly good candidates do it for their selves.
2. Don’t be influenced by other people, advice, opinion , trying to discourage you, or to frighten you, most of the time they envy you.
3. Don’t undergo the plastic surgery if you are not emotionally stable.
4. Don’t do plastic surgery to solve your depression problems or stressful situations. Work through the crisis.
5. Don’t give false information to your doctor: Be honest
6. Don’t wait for your doctor to take the decision for you.
7. Don’t take computer simulations for reality