Laser Hair removal is a permanent reduction of unwanted hair in all your body areas. It works on dark hair the darkest the hair color , the thickest, the better your result will be. Also the whiter your skin is the better the result will be.

The areas treated, are the face , neck, back chest arms and legs.

We have the Alexandrite 755 nm and the 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers, in one work station, the Elite+ from Cynosure.

It has larger spot sizes, and higher fluences to deliver the treatment faster with excellent results. With two different wavelengths, we can treat all skin types patients, with the Nd:YAG it allows to treat darker skin types.

The Elite+ laser hair removal is very efficient, it affects only growing hair in anagen phase , this is why subsequent treatment will be needed.

For a better client comfort and to reduce pain , the Elite + incorporate the Smart Cool system, using a double cooling technique which uses the body natural cooling process with a specifically engineered external cooling system.

You should be allowing the hair to grow few millimeters above the skin level, and if you are waxing you should wait one week after waxing before coming to your laser hair removal session.

You will  notice significant hair reduction since the first session, many patients are hair free after 4 to 6 sessions on the body, the face will take a little bit longer.