Buttocks enhancement procedures are very popular. Having a curvy gluteal area figure, is a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

The most frequent method for buttocks augmentation and contouring is lipofilling of the buttocks areas, using your own fat harvested from other areas in your body. It is also known as Brazilian Buttocks Lift or BBL.

The second popular option if there is not enough fat in your body, buttock implants, where silicon buttocks implants will be inserted, to lift and reshape your buttocks.

Sometimes we will do what is known by hybrid buttocks augmentation, which is a buttock silicone implants will be used as well as fat injection in the buttocks in the same procedure

Buttocks augmentation procedure also will enhance your silhouette curves, Dr Audi will determine if you have a squared or inverted A buttocks, or a different type of buttocks that is preventing you to have the harmonious curve. Or if your buttocks skin is loose from weight loss or is due to aging.

These  procedures apply whether  you are a woman or a man

Procedures: the BBL (Brazilian Buttocks Lift), and the silicone buttocks implants are done in the hospital, under spinal or epidural anesthesia. Same day surgery admission, the patient will go home the same day.

Autologous fat transfer

This procedure  takes fat from one area of your body and uses it to enhance and reshape your buttocks. The fat is washed with Ringer lactate, and Dextrose water 5% as well as antibiotics. Fat is injected in a superficial plane in all buttocks areas , to get a rounded buttocks. Using small 3 mms incisionone in the midline interbuttocks crease and hidden in the infrabuttocks fold or under the bikini string line. The incisions are closed with 5/0 Nylon sutures. The patient is not allowed to sleep on her back for 4 weeks. A compression garment will be worn starting the third day for 4 weeks.

Buttock implants

Silicone buttocks Implants are most appropriate if the patient is skinny, has very little fat and flat or poorly defined buttocks. If the patient has saggy skin following weight loss, a buttocks lift in association with a body lift or done alone will be indicated. (see body lift section)

In this procedure a soft, shaped silicone buttock implant is placed through a vertical  incision hidden  between the 2 buttocks.  Depending on your height and pelvic width, Dr Paul Audi will advise you an appropriate  implant size for your body. The implant is placed intramuscularly , inside the thickness of the gluteus maximus muscle.The incisions are closed with sutures. The patient  is not allowed to lay on her back for one month A compression garment is worn following surgery.

The hybrid buttock augmentation, will combine buttock fat injection and silicon implant placement in the same procedure.

Hyaluronic acid injections can be used for buttocks enhancement, the hyaluronic acid is highly reticulated and has a high viscosity and elasticity, it should be used judiciously and adequately to provide a well rounded buttocks. It last up to one year, and will necessitate yearly touch up. It is done in the office under local anesthesia.

After recovering from the anesthesia, and being stable you will go home.

Pain is well controlled with oral medications, you will take antibiotics for 3 weeks if implants were inserted, and 10 days for BBL.