Mommy Makeover:

is a very popular procedure. The childbirth effects on the abdominal skin and muscles as well as breast specially after breastfeeding are taking a toll on many women bodies. It will help you regain your pre-baby body back.

A lot of women are repairing these conditions by undergoing a mommy makeover. It combine a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty to a breast lift with or without implants or a breast augmentation depending on the breast ptosis or nipple descent, and a labiaplasty. A liposuction can be added also to improve body contouring. These procedures are all done in one settings under epidural anesthesia. 

You will be admitted in the morning. Dr Paul Audi will draw the skin markings on your breast and abdomen, before going to the operating room. You will stay 2 nights in the hospital. Pain is bearable and controlled with oral medications. A support bra and compressive garments will be worn for six weeks.