If you want to have a glowing radiant face, looking always younger than your age, laser facial rejuvenation is the answer. Treatment will erase your wrinkles, and reduce sun damage. Some of options for treatment include:

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

 It is a warm light that will heat your skin, it will treat your facial large pores, uneven texture, fine wrinkles, diffuse redness and scars.

The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes is pain free and has no downtime

you can return to normal activities using sunscreen. By heating hte skin it will stimulate your collagen production, additional heat will reduce redness in dilated capillaries.

After 2 weeks you will come back for a second session. The treatments results are often subtle. On average , you may require four to six treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Laser Genesis after four treatments can help restore skin’s youthful glow.

It can also improve the decolletage wrinkling, also it can be used on the lip vermillion, giving plumper lips, also it can be used for toe nails fungus and for acne treatment.

Limelight Facial

 It is treatment that delivers pulsed light,  to treat brown spots on your face, decolletage or dorsum of the hands, it will also improve the skin tone. Also it will improve redness  and telangiectasias ( tiny veins) on the face.

The limelight Facial is ideal for any part of your face, neck décolleté with skin redness , telangiectasia(tiny veins) or brown spots which were previously difficult to resolve respond very well to treatment.

Patients will experience a mild stinging. It needs to to three treatment one month a part. After two to three weeks the dark spots will flake off, diffuse redness or telangiectasia will decrease and your mottled complexion will improve.

Vascular Laser

unsightly facial and leg veins, can be treated with the Nd:YAG 1064 nm from Cutera

The Cutera Nd:Yag 1064nm will treat  telangiectasia (small facial veins), venous lake, leg veins, hemangiomas, port wine stains, warts and scars.

Patients sometimes will use topical local anesthetic gel 30 minutes prior to the procedure. Most will experience a stinging sensation. After the treatment some redness will occur and after a few days some scabbing might fall off. Asecond or third treatment might be needed one month later.

It is recommended to avoid vigorous exercise 24 hours after the procedure

Pearl Treatment

Wrinkly skin from sun damage, excessive smoking, aging or heredity, can be treated by the Cutera, high powered Nd YAG laser. It will improve your facial wrinkle and skin discoloration. It will provide you with a glowing healthy face. This procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures.

It is done under topical and local anesthesia in the clinic settings. You will have redness in your face for the next 5 days, you will clean with vinegar water and apply healing cream three to four times per day.

You will have a much younger radiant smooth skin.

Pearl Fractional

When your facial skin needs also tightening, we will use the Nd:YAG Pearl Fractional laser, it will ablate micro dermal columns, to promote new collagen and induce volumetric effects. Patients see improvements in their wrinkles, tone, and texture and have a noticeably smoother, brighter complexion.

Topical anesthesia and local anesthesia will be applied.

Post procedure patients should clean many times per day the area treated with vinegar water and apply healing cream. Redness and healing will take 5 to 7 days.

After one week you will have a younger face, marked improvement in photo damage and complexions. Full results will take five to six months. Patient will look younger with the volumizing effects.