Your well being is our Priority


Patient safety is our utmost importance., we maintain privileges at a private hospital. This allows the procedures to be performed in the hospital operating rooms.

 Even in the realm of cosmetic and plastic surgery, your health status is our priority. During your consultation, Dr Paul Audi will take a complete medical history and relevant physical examination. Following your concerns or desire of improving or correcting some areas in your face and body. Dr Paul will explain in details how to prepare what to expect, before during and after your procedure.

In Cosmetic Surgery your well being is the pillar of an excellent result.We believe that a well informed patient is very important, this will decrease apprehension and anxiety and help in the decision.  In addition, informational videos of the most common procedures as well as before and after photos are available for viewing during consultation.

Creative Experts

Not every surgeon is an artist, but we are at Audi Aesthetics. Dr Paul Audi pursues a natural and refreshed and younger look. He Avoids  the “overdone, operated” look. This requires attention to details and a meticulous work. A sense of creativity is present in Dr Audi’s eye, combined with a long term experience in cosmetic procedures.

Quality Takes Commitment

At Audi Aesthetics, we are committed to a crispy, and natural-looking results. We emphasize answering and addressing all your concerns, and attention-to-details because we understand quality takes commitment. Your results are our results, and we take pride in our work.

We use the newest  available techniques to give you the outcome you are looking for. This allows for faster recovery time with less bruising and swelling.  it will reduce discomfort and let you go back to work more quickly.

One of the very important aspects of any cosmetic procedure is closing the incision. It is done delicately with the minimum trauma and assuring a decreased skin tension to allow healing with the least amount of noticeable scars. Hairline fine scar is our goal.

Doctor-to-patient communication is essential. Together, we will discuss expectations, questions, and concerns. You will have a one-on-one consultation with your doctor. We believe follow-up visits are important to monitor your healing. 

If you are looking for quality care with a committed doctor, contact us at +961 1386683

Dr. Paul Audi

Dr. Paul Audi is an American Board certified plastic surgeon. He meets and maintains a high level of professional, educational, and ethical standards…

Meet Dr. Paul Audi


Audi aesthetics is a state of the art plastic surgery clinic where you will get a medical professional advice on what to do or what not to do. To improve your look to get rid of what is bothering you. And feel better…

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